FIRST Robotics Competition

We are Team 7539

We are Team Elev8, a FIRST Robotics team from the Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai


What We Do


Our programmers use the Java programming language and the WPI Library to write programs to control the robot. We also make use of vision processing and machine learning tools.

Construction and CAD

Students in the construction team work with softwares such as Autodesk Fusion360 to create CAD models of mechanisms, which they then build using power tools and industrial grade materials


Our design team manages social media, makes flyers and posters for all of our events, designs our website and uses 2D and 3D animation software to create short animations with inspiring messages.


Several students in India do not have the opportunity to learn about robotics, even though they have the interest and the aptitude. Outreach is all about spreading awareness of STEM and FIRST programs.


Our Outreach Events